test Specification


Ad comitatu scriptor products ut mos occursum requisita, nam providere productum inspectione in basis et ensure species uber.

Harum application

Hoc potest dici de vexillum NEC moduli produci products XX.

testis Equipment

Electric norma mensuræ in machina, test magnique magnificantes vitrum, fluorescent lucerna, vernier caliper

Sampling reprehendo consilium et environmental conditionibus

Et vestibulum unitas (vel processus GC) in specie facit inspectionem plena perficientur electrica inspectionem et test, et mole measurement inspectionem vel specialis, pars prima cuiusque et probata exemplar quod gustatum 5pcs.

Sumatur duplum utriusque specimen primum 5pcs quale exemplum adoptat GB / -2012 inspectionem communi consilio uno tempore vultus inspectione sampling et inspectionem communi gradus II.

level simpliciter Licita gradu (AQL) Secundum quid qualis vexillum amet
deficere pelagus   Si magnitudo ideo vitiosa est, accipere 0 I reditus

Digitum anulus octo portaret electrostatic scrutator necesse est hands.If lectulis utrinque appositae polarizer lcd absque omni labore digiti digitis casas.

Probator can reprehendo vel uisum comparari ad unam mensam amet collatio.

Placere referuntur ad in sample ad electrica test test per ostentationem et fixture screen.

Spatium inter inspector est scriptor uber in oculis ~ XL XXX cm. Et inspectionem XV gradus viewing angulus sit ± ostentationem in fronte superficies vertical panel quod ± XLV gradus superficies horizontalis ostentationem in fronte panel (videre figura)

tft img1

Lucendi environment, ~ DCCC 1200LUX pro visual inspectionem

Temperatus environment, XXV ℃ ± V

Nem: LXXV% XXV ~ F.

item reprehendo

(I) Definitio autem defectus ex parte internum tabulata.

a) lucere Bright constans apparet amplitudo punctis nigris LCD sub forma.

b) Dark dots: in pura rubrum, viridis et hyacintho picturas: apud eundem, dots obscura apparent in mole LCD.

c) II par puncta adjacent = I = II puncta.

tft img2

show reprehendo

item descriptio quantitas gratum MAJ MIN
Quisque ornare ipsum temere N≤3  
Duo puncta adjacent N≤0
Duo puncta adjacent N≤0
spatium Minimum distantia duorum lucere 5mm
tenebris macula temere N≤4  
Duo puncta adjacent N≤0
Duo puncta adjacent N≤0
Totalis numerus alborem lucere in tenebris maculis, N≤6  
spatium Lucere minimum distantia duorum (maculis) 5mm  
parvus volutpat D≤can be ignored,<D≤, N≤4,spacing≧5mmD(Point diameter) √ 
Show fault V/H line/line crossover line etc. Not allowed  
Chromatic aberration, uneven; ripple; hot spot Pass 5% filter under 50% dark light Invisible, can be judged by limit sample if necessary    

*Note: Defects on the black matrix (outside the active area) are not considered defects

Visual inspection

item descriptio quantitas gratum MAJ MIN
Point defect (display and appearance) Black spots, white spots, bright spotstft img4 D≤ignorable, <D≤, N≤4, spacing ≥5mm (Figure 2)  
Bad linearity (display and appearance) Black line, white line, bright line tft img5 W≤ignorable, <W≤,L≤, N≤4,  
Polarizer defect Dents, bubbles D≤ignorable, <D≤, N≤4,  
Scratch W≤ignorable,<W≤,L≤, N≤4  
Panel crack  tft img6 Not allowed
Damaged TFT non-lead side  tft img7 The distance between the minimum break point area, d1≧, cannot be ignored; d1<, N≦0d 1: the minimum distance between the break point area and the dot area
Damaged TFT pin side  tft img8 The alignment mark is damaged, the damaged angle>90  
W≦,L is ignored, but the pin cannot be damaged
W≦, (D depth)≦1/2 (1 layer glass thickness)
Damaged TFT lead side corner  tft img9 The swastika cannot be damaged. W≦,L≦5mm  
TFT / CF edge burr  tft img10 d2≦d 2: The distance between the burr and the edge of the TFT  
other Poor sealing glue Height: no more than length: no more than 80mm, the sealing glue must completely cover the crystal filling mouth and the penetration depth is greater than  
LCD dimensions The size refers to the design specification, the tolerance is ± mm, if it exceeds the tolerance range, it is unqualified  
The liquid crystal is not completely poured into the box Not allowed  
Gas enters the box during crystal filling Not allowed  
Smudge Stain that cannot be wiped off is not allowed to have liquid crystal on the surface or in the glass gap  
Module appearance Newton ring

tft img11

There are Newton rings and interference lines on the touch screen, rejected  
 tft img12 The pattern font is clear, the font line becomes thicker or thinner than the normal line width ≤1/3 (and ≤+/), no hyphenation. accept  
Drums on the touch screen Acceptable without affecting writing  
There are fish-eye bubbles on the surface of the touch screen FILM According to the inspection standard of the touch screen  
Poor assembly Module assembly does not match the assembly instructions Reject  
Poor assembly The assembly does not meet the process requirements (fixed double-sided tape or shading tape is not attached, etc.) Reject  
The connection between the components is not strong (the glass is separated from the backlight, etc.) Reject  
Defects when attaching transfer paper Insufficient adhesion to tear off the protective film Reject  
Attach position Does not meet the specifications, rejected  
Attaching angle Attached to the edge of the LCD edge angle is greater than ±15 degrees, rejected  
Poor coding   Does not meet the document requirements  
Other items PCBA, HSC, FPC, backlight, etc. Refer to "LCM Finished Product Inspection Specification" ~ conduct inspection    


1. Ignore any defects on the protective film of the polarizer, such as scratches, bubbles and particles on the protective film.

2. The angle of all damage must be greater than 90 degrees as shown on the right.

3. If the customer has specified requirements according to customer requirements.

tft img3